Who are you in Japan?


FUJIR is more than a travel agency specialising in travel to Japan.

FUJIR is the result of a passion I have for the Far East country and for Japanese culture, which I would like to share with you.

I decided to write blog articles about my travels to Japan, and what I have learned (and continue to learn) about Japanese culture and customs. As most people who have spoken to me or read my Blog articles have found, Japan is not just about the great metropolis and capital, Tokyo and the cultural capital Kyoto. Incidentally, what I love about Japan is its apparent contradiction, the difficult categorising or definition. Ruth Benedict already said in her work “The chrysanthemum and the sword”, Japan is a country of contrasts, where the traditional lives with the modern, where the mountain and the countryside are surrounded by sea and beaches, where you can try the dish more exotic or eating the simplest sandwich, and how far kindness and hospitality are hidden behind the shyness and shame of those who think they can't go wrong.

In order to lead more and more people to discover this side of Japan, I created, with my sister (who has a vast experience in tourism), FUJIR - Travel to Japan.

The name FUJIR came up with the help of a good friend, in a play on words between Japan's greatest symbol, Mount Fuji, or as it is called there Fuji-san, and the verb to Escape (that pronounces Fugir in portuguese).


Escapes to Japan

Escapes to Japan are increasing year by year, but like most destinations that become fashionable, they begin to have an overcrowding of tourists in certain points, which often are not what we like the most, but which we feel- we are forced to see in Japan because they are commonplace. In these situations, FUJIR is the best solution. This is because we make tailor-made trips and depending on your profile, we create an itinerary together with you so that you can have the best possible experience, without the hassle of package trips.

We also have travel packages to Japan for those who prefer, but even these have differences from the others offered by the market. Come ESCAPE with us!



Ever felt like running away?

  • Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and discover new things and ways of life.
  • Running away with friends to a place where nobody knows you.
  • Running away to be alone even if it's in the midst of millions of strangers.
  • Running away to get lost in a place so distant and different that you end up finding yourself.
  • Escape to relax with family, or family.
  • Run away to date, or even propose to your other half.

I want to Escape. Even if it's only to find out that the best part of running away is returning home different and already wanting to plan the next escape.

I hope you come RUN away with us.


How can you Escape?

There are many ways to RUN away with us:

Specialised Escape: Choose personalised trips and answer a short questionnaire. We will analyse your profile and get in touch with you to plan your tailor-made getaway.

Group getaway: Choose from themed trips, and schedule the next getaway that suits you.

Pre-arranged getaway: Choose one of our unique travel packages and schedule your getaway.

Now all you have to do is choose how you want to FUJIR, and send us an email info@fujir.pt