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Sanuki was one of the four prefectures of Shikoku. It is now called Kagawa.

Kagawa is the smallest prefecture in Shikoku and also in all of Japan. Hospitality and time are ideal for welcoming not only tourists, but also pilgrims who come to the end of their pilgrimage in this province. It contains the last 22 temples that henro (pilgrims) can visit.

Kagawa's attractions include the Konpira-san temple in Kotohira, the harbour town of Takamatsu with its famous garden, Ritsurin-koen and is within easy reach of the Inland Sea Museum/Art Islands.

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Awa was also one of the four provinces of Shikoku. Its current name is Tokushima.

The starting point of 1200 years of pilgrimage, Awa is home to 23 of Shikoku's 88 temples.

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Tosa was also one of the four provinces of Shikoku. His current name is Kochi.

It is the largest of the 4 prefectures of Shikoku. It runs from Cape Muroto-misaki to Ashizuri-misaki with the Pacific along the coast.

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Iyo was also one of the four provinces of Shikoku. Her current name is Ehime.

Ehime occupies the western part of Shikoku and has its largest city, Matsuyama. It also has the most pilgrimage temples: 27 to be exact.

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Iya Valley

The spectacular Iya Valley is a special place. Being one of Japan's hidden valleys, its gorges and dense forests have been a refuge for many centuries for those who want to escape persecution, such as those of the Shaman in the 9th century, or lost wars such as the Heike clan.

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