Who are you in Japan?
Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan

FUJIR is an agency specialising in travel to Japan. If you've ever been curious about discovering the country of the Rising Sun or if you want to get to know more deeply about unique places in this Far Eastern country, you've come to the right place.


Travel to Japan

If you want to travel to Japan, but have no idea where to start or if communication is a barrier for you, we have tours with a guide in Portuguese (in some cases it can be in Spanish or English) that will provide you with the best experience and knowledge. If you're more of the adventurous type, we have tailor-made trips to Japan made just for you. We also have travel packages to Japan. And, periodically, we will make Theme Trips to Japan.

As you can see, we have the best ways to ESCAPE to Japan, and the trip that's right for you.


Customized trips to Japan

Custom tours to Japan are truly what sets us apart from other travel agencies. Based on the wide experience and knowledge of Japan that FUJIR has, and using a questionnaire that we have on this website, we were able to outline a specific trip for you. Then we will settle details with email exchanges until we design the ideal trip for your profile and/or taste. This way you will certainly have a unique and unparalleled experience.


Japan travel packages

For those who enjoy the comfort of pre-arranged group or individual programs that cover the essentials of Japan, just choose one of our Japan travel packages, and choose when to go to Japan. We handle everything from flights to Japan to museum visits.


Theme Trips to Japan

Periodically we organize themed trips to Japan with a Portuguese guide, who will generally be me (Jorge Ferrão). These trips will be with a maximum group of 15 participants and the theme will be something to do with Japan or unique in its culture.

For example, we have seasonal travel, as the Japanese have a great connection to nature and what the seasons provide them, making the same country, the same city or even the same village have a different atmosphere from season to season. And we also have cultural, meditative or religious trips. As you can see, these trips will never run out of topics to talk about Japan.

Customized Trips


We design the perfect trip for you.

Travel Packages


Pre-arranged group or individual programs.

Themed Trips


Trips where the theme will be something to do with Japan or that is unique to its culture.

Other Travel Destinations


We can also arrange other destinations.