Who are you in Japan?


Devastated during World War II, Naha is now an ever-evolving, energetic capital city where young Japanese vacationers mingle with American soldiers and foreign tourists. The center of this activity is Kokusai-dôri, which thus lives up to its name (International Avenue). To the east is the castle of Shuri, also known as Shuri-jô, which was once home to the Ryûkyû dynasty (Now being rebuilt after a great fire).


What to do in Naha

One might think that in Naha, there is nothing to do in Naha other than living the bohemian style of the Okinawa islands. But having nothing to do in Naha is not a problem. For those who like history, we have many places of interest from Shuri Castle with one of its most famous Shureimon portals, to places that honor those who lost their lives in the battles of Okinawa.

For those who like to party and have fun, we have the festivals in Naha, and the many bars full of life and typical music of Okinawa.

For those who like to relax, we have access to many beaches in the surroundings.

Naha is a Japanese city with a completely bohemian and relaxing spirit.