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Themed Trips

Themed Trips

The themed trips are the most anticipated by lovers of Japanese culture, whether for those who have already visited Japan or for those who are going for the first time.

Accompanied by a guide, the trip will be made visiting places and restaurants related to the theme. Therefore, if the theme is Hanami (cherry blossoms), we will take a trip to the most emblematic places where we can see cherry blossoms all over Japan. Participate in the parties that take place under these trees, while enjoying the local gastronomy of the season.


Themed trips to Japan

Themed trips to Japan work as follows:

  1. Periodically, a thematic trip with a maximum of 15 participants will be published on our website.
  2. Just see if you like the theme and the program, and send an email to info@fujir.pt
  3. We will reply with the availability and more detailed program.
  4. Registration will be considered valid after full payment.
Momiji - Autumn of 2024 in Japan



13 Days / 7073€