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Nagasaki is known for being the second, and last, city to suffer from an atomic bomb in human history. But before that, Nagasaki was already known worldwide for being a multicultural point, where people from all over the world settled in its beautiful hills and lived in peace and harmony.

It is the city with the most Catholic churches in all of Japan, although many were destroyed after the bomb.

Nagasaki also has many Buddhist and Shinto temples such as kofukuji, also known as Tōmeizan Kōfuku-ji, shōfuku-ji and suwa jinja.

Nagasaki is a city with a remarkable past and a unique present.

What to do in Nagasaki

There is much to do in Nagasaki other than visiting the atomic bomb sites and museums near the Urakami district.

Strolling through its hills and visiting Buddhist or Shintoist churches and temples are one of the many things to do in Nagasaki, at least one of the most relaxing ones.

Climbing Mount Inasa, considered one of the three wonderful night views of Japan, is another attraction.

Experiencing the unique food of this city, which has been influenced by various cultures from around the world over the centuries, is another delicious strong point.

Nagasaki has so much to offer that we will feel on a roller coaster of emotions as we go up and down the hills of this wonderful city.

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